Winter’s Desolation

This is the part of winter I find bleak; the absence of the fresh white fluffy stuff that fell initially weeks, maybe even months ago. It was accompanied with joy and anticipation, my world was clean and sparkling. Now there are large patches of dirt scattered everywhere. Brown gnarly sticks and brush thrust their crooked arms upward toward the solemn dark gray sky, begging for help in this desolate time. The trees are naked. Life seems to be absent. All nature seems to inquire, “how long, how long must we wait for the promise of spring to be realized?”

My soul  senses a direct connection with this scene. It is the visible picture of the invisible state of my spirit: feelings of barrenness, silence, and questions, ‘when will the energy and productivity return?’ I want to see yield resulting from my prayers, my service,  my spiritual deposits into the Kingdom. There are no vial signs. Where do I go?

Answer: I go to the TRUTH, The Word of God.

It is the first and only place to go when questioning ANYTHING.

So don’t throw away that courage of yours, which carries with it such a great reward. For you need to hold out; so that, by having done what God wills, you may receive what He has promised. For

“There is so, so little time!

The One coming will indeed come,

He will not delay.

But the person who is righteous

Will live his life by trusting,

and if he shrinks back,

I will not be pleased with him.”

Messianic Jews (Hebrews) 10:35-38

It is all here, right there before me, but  it is hidden. I cannot see it with the eyes in my physical head. I see it with the eyes of my heart, through the Spirit of the Living God.

The dark ground will become a lush carpet of tightly woven thin green blades of grass. Though buried in the earth, seeds will sprout; bulbs will pierce the dirt with stems birthing blooms of sweet smelling colorful flowers, making their debut in an effort to lure butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.  Scraggy brush will send out slender projections that will be a haven for crickets and grasshoppers.

The sap will begin to flow deep inside the Maple tree, soon we will be able to taste and savor its’ sweetness. Waiting inside those branches are slim stems hiding delicate, intricately designed leaves desperate to unfold. Captivating foliage provides shade and are evidence of the life cycle. Swishing leaves, by the gentle breeze of summer will be a melody of nature. When the summer fades leaves changing to vibrant colors of green, yellow, orange, and red will enthrall me. Each bough exhibits strength, bearing the heaviness of its charge. Birds, squirrels, and bugs will find a home and a refuge within its’ stately arms. It will truly be a masterpiece by the Master of all the earth.

As I envision what  the spring season will bring, I remember the sudden  random blessings  of the past. Examining the events and people in my life from  a loftier perspective I and humbled by the workings of God.

However bleak the situation may appear, Yeshua is still listening and interceding. Our Father asks us to look beyond the way things appear, and trust Him for what can be. No matter the circumstance, problem or ‘feeling’ I am called to rely on Him. I must trust the Master, rich in mercy and love.

Winter's Desolation
Waves and wind at Empire Beach

Prayer: Oh Abba, please forgive me for my short sightedness and temporary lapse of faith. I know from previous encounters with despair and despondency that I cannot focus on results, or on what I think should happen and when. Timing and outcomes are in your hands, not mine.  Thank you for the reality of Your Word that keeps me   and instructs me. Please give me strength and courage to press on, no matter what. Thank you for rewarding my diligence in doing your will, and bringing seasons of renewal. Bless you Father for your faithfulness to me. I love you.